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10th July 2007



用完了B105,先總結一下 :
–還有一點點的金粉,加上紅色,學懂say no,也是向自己的ego say yes。
用完B105,開始用B17,碰巧今天收到的Daily Tarot是5 of pentacles。
先quote一下這個錢幣5的意義 :
We are willing to reject the sure thing or accept excommunication to try to make it on our own rather than endure the status quo or submit to conditions that assume we are invisible ……I am empowered by mutual support and my assets are self-worth, hope, and pride.

無獨有偶,B17是關於在靈性上的新開始,當年的一個族群Troubadours, 就像錢幣五上的那兩個人,被教會逐出(excommunication)。B17也代表跟The Star接觸。The Star,是B17相對塔羅的星星牌,也是讓我們跟身體上的earth star, incarnation star和soul star 連繫。
當然,一用B17,不同的事情接二連三的發生,即時帶出訊息 : Let go of fear and anxiety, face the challenges of self doubt,then I will have my new beginning with hope and faith. ——然後,晚上回家時還收到老師send來上面那個you tube 呢,正能量夠晒勁。

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